Power to music and to the People.

My Twitter biog mumbles something like, Populist, Dipped in Melanin, Acultural, Left-handed Leftist, Tin-Foil hats & Red Berets, Living within my means, Muse, iPlay YAMAHA.

I’m passionate about humans and our ability to create & transcend beyond all of ‘this’, the now we find ourselves in. Burdened by -isms that seek to divide the masses against the pigs hoarding power and wealth. Im usually against injustice in any form, more especially the injustices committed against those who were previously and continue to be Disenfranchised. Contrary to popular belief, I’m more concerned with reforming the system rather than overthrowing it. that’s the reason i chose to abandon my options and become a Commercial Socially Conscious musician.

My absolutely complex (dis)belief system, is one that can never be summed up by a belief in one or more gods or the non-existence thereof. Some of the many things that have informed my (dis)beliefs are; being a ‘Black African’ living in what we’ve been told is post-Colonial South Africa, a decolonised interpretation of Judeo-christian stories, African Mythology & mythologies the world over, Marijuana and other good drugs, a minimalist Russian Monk i met some years back, and how can I forget the kilos and kilos of books I sometimes wish i never read.

A friend, Azola Mzekandaba recently wrote me a letter via email, that letter is the reason i started learning to write anew. I’ve always loved words, how they sound, how a person can just make up a word and the word wouldnt judge. So you can imagine my trip when i realised my body, through my more than pleasant singing voice, could make words sound more ‘nicer’. What a privilege.

To music, to the people, to unorthodox solutions… ‘Victoria Ascerta’.

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