Truth is a stranger from Fiction.

I went to go see Pop Movie, Avengers age of Ultron, and yes it’s important to note that it is a pop movie, but this, however, does not mean it’s bad or invaluable in any way, let’s just say it’s like chocolate, you don’t need it, you can really do without it, but hey, it’s just a nice thing, especially if the intention is to enjoy it. Any ways, there’s a scene when the hulk is fighting whoever, I don’t care much right now, the point is,  they were fighting, tearing shit up in the middle of Johannesburg CBD.

  I still stayed at a gentrified, overpriced, city property building in the city district when the movie was being shot. Streets were cordoned off, and it was really terrible for the traffic. I somehow wished they could pay R100 to every inconvenienced person, you know…just for dinner, or a discount at the box office when we go watch the movie… but of course these remain working class wishes in my head. This is not my story, my story lies in the realms of ‘pseudo-fiction’ where ‘what if’ is a possibility and the ‘truth’ is sold as fiction to be enjoyed, shat out and never learnt from.

What would really happen if we had to have an invasion from beyond what we know (I’m assuming we all know I’m talking about aliens right about now). Being in Africa, do our faithful herders have a plan of action for such an event? So I went digging, on the rather weird side of the internet, the wild side, where black nationalists denounce white Supremacy, Chi masters display Telekinesis and there is no forced consumption of those great internet Ads… but there’s some good stuff there if the average publicised rubbish bores you. What I found was amazing but also it made me very anxious because of course as you know you cannot trust -as absolute truth- EVERYTHING you read, whether at school, on newspapers, worst of all, the internet.  But I’m sure this does not in any way prohibit me from sharing with you.

The avid ufologists claim the existence of various types of alien species, Humanoid, Insectoid, AndroidReptoid, “plantoid”  among others and not just the pop culture Hollywood images of the bigheaded, long fingered, seemingly boneless grey figure we’ve come to associate with  Alien life forms. There are shapeshifters, multi-dimensional beings with the Ability to look like and live amongst humans, the Christ mentioned something along these lines, in case you were wondering, looking for a source.

There have been quite a few landings and sightings in southern Africa, one of the most notable being the Mass Sighting in Zimbabwe, at Ariel primary school in ’94. A group of school children report that a UFO craft had landed  near their playground and from there 3 beings emerged and and and… Often, the landings and sightings happen  in remote places with few human inhabitants… and yes, this is not very convincing but there is a log apparently, with dates, locations… with obviously out of focus videos and even the ever present blurry pictures. The keeper of the celestial log is an organisation called the South African UFO research; I know it sounds like a bogus postgrad polytech in Lagos CBD… and these are some of the great paradoxes of life, why would a group of people with quite obviously heightened imaginations have such a “functional” name for such an Out-of-this-world undertaking??? I hope the answer is not “we wanted to be taken seriously”. Anyways, Apparently, the head of the research centre once wrote a letter to the dept of the presidency to ask about a plan of action should there be Alien visitors from the beyond. The matter was quickly referred to the Department of tourism who then swiftly responded with a whole tree’s worth of “Where to stay when you visit South Africa” pamphlets… how Awkward!

Many people don’t take the concept of the exsistence of life – as we don’t know it- seriously. Most times when speaking of Extraterrestrial beings, you just get shoved into the Paranoid Conspiracy theorist (PCT) pergutory to be punished with reruns of government propaganda on maximum volume. The truth is, our “human history” is littered with what appears to be evidence (factual of otherwise) that suggests lifeforms from beyond or beneath the earth have existed on the earth’s surface  and shaped the human experience as we know it. Artworks with flaming capsules, ancient books like the Koran, bible (the Apocrypha included) and the less popular Mahabharata all contain references to Unidentified Flying Objects. What Im trying to say is, if you read somewhere how ‘it’ appears from the sky, flaming, appears to be shining ship or chariot,  with the inhabitants who’s likeness is like that of man, but they are not human, as in the case of the paranoid Conspiracy theorist prophet from the bible, Ezekiel,  then… its probably a UFO.

The Mahabharata which was written 300 BC gives descriptions of Aircrafts more sophisticated than whatever we humans can create now. The ancient text speaks of Spherical aircraft that move at great speeds, with the ability of moving up, down, sideways, forward and backwards, 300 years before  the Christ , who, by the way travelled on a donkey, a normal donkey… without any Superpowers. A suprising find was in the Koran, islam seems to be very open minded about the possibility of Planets similar or dissimilar to ours with the potential to sustain some sort of life, and not necessarily life as we know it. The opening chapter of the Koran says “all praise to Allah, lord of all the Worlds”, of course one can begin to think the author pluralised ‘worlds’ as a  reference to dimensions and the various worlds that exist in systems (within systems), and not necessarily the ‘planets’ around us. Religions ,which are really, really old school Sci-fi writings, seem to be open to the idea that The Universe(s) is filled with creatures, some physical and some metaphysical surfers who can travel between time and space. The great prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was taken on a journey upon a “winged steed” refered to as the Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem in one night.  Even faith, the size of the proverbial mustard seed, with its supposed ability to move mountains, has never caused a human to travel a distance of 2000km overnight. The story doesn’t end there, after that express trip to mecca, the prophet (I think im supposed to put ‘pbuh’ again) got taken on another ride through the seven heavens, perhaps let’s call them dimensions for the sake of you indulging me… There, he learnt the great secrets of the world , he met with God and other creatures/ beings, angels, ‘Jinns’ probably and humans, the likes of Moses, the Christ, Enoch, Elijah all who lived a earthly life without experiencing ultimate death, yes… im speaking about the Koran. When examining the text, one sees the Buraq to be quite ‘alive’ and having mannerism like that of a beast with the ability to take commands, like it could’ve been a horse, an actual animal, then the text gets super weird because now, the horse is doing things that normal horses cannot do… but Well, I guess if the Buraq was indeed some sort of Arabian nights Pegasus, then that would make it an ’Identified Flying Object’ but we were told winged horses are supposedly myths told in the stories of greek gods and their  now broke demi-god bastards.

More recently though, and by recently, I mean in the 20th century, there have been those who cannot necessarily be classified as prophets but who have witnessed landings and had tales of interaction with those who are not born of the human female. George Adamski, a brilliant man (whatever your definition of brilliant is) claimed for many years that he had been visited by extra-terrestrials who had given him instructions, the usual lot, “take care of the earth, be kind to your neighbours, spread these good news”… and sometimes he would invite people over and would summon a UFO to appear… *crickets*. Another guy, Claude Vorilhon popularly known as ‘Rael’, started what is known as Raelism, it can be better understood to be a UFO religion. Based on an important fact, that humans were genetically engineered by the Elohim (contrary to the often misunderstood Singular, omniscient, omnipotent Elohim in the canon bible, the difference here is that this Elohim in Hebrew is not singular, rather, Elohim is Plural representing more than one ‘entity or persons’). they believe it was the Elohim who said “Let us make man, in our own image”. I got exposed to the the Raelian movement during my university days when a friend sent me a pdf book titled “Intelligent Design, a Message from the Designers”… i felt like that guy knew my life, what a wonder it was to read, what a fresh perspective.

In the beginning I went on and on about Pop Movies, it’s also important to note that I consume a ton load of this pop drivel and sift it out for precious gems I can go research or link to other information I may know. While watching the first Avengers for the umpteenth time,  It was there I made a discovery, more like… a ‘Colombus discovery’ not a ‘discover dicovery’.  The Alien army in the opening scene of the movie is called the CHITAWURI… if you are familiar with the greatness that is Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (this is where you pause and go look him up if didn’t know) you’ll understand my amazement. He speaks of a race of highly intelligent beings, the Chitawuri ( the talkers), a race of Reptoid/ Reptilian creatures , who have ruled our  world for thousands of years. Why isnt this common knowledge you ask, this seems to be information that is only privy to those willing to undergo quite traumatic initiation into African secret societies… The great man, has claimed also to have being ‘abducted’ by other creatures/ beings different from the Chitawuri reptilian race… anyways, he’s got some really good books available… really good material for the those who roam the earth puzzled by What the fuck is going on in the world. If the histories aren’t true, it’s at least an enjoyable read; you gotta give it up to his imagination. Peace be upon him too.

Fast forward to the year I was born, 1989… a crash landing is reported in the Kalahari, near the border of Botswana. The Said UFO was shot down by a South African Air force (SAAF) mirage jet. A joint venture by the United States Air Force (USAF) and SAAF called ‘Operation Silver Diamond’ was immediately undertaken to inspect the landing sight and remove debris and the pilots (if any) of the UFO… one former Colonel is described as Saying, in that great American accent of theirs, that “we, the united States, have given South Africa Advanced Technology in exchange for the UFO”… yeah, hows your ‘bullshit radar’ reacting to this, is it beeping yet?

I guess one can argue that everyone has the ability to think up crazy stories and interpretations of ancient and not-so-ancient text more especially if they are Paranoid Conspiracy theorists.  In the end, if one believes in a Supernatural whatever, then one should not be quick to dismiss those who instead of heaven, fantisise about advanced Utopian civilisations with lasers, beam guns and teleportation devices in far away spaces.  I guess what im trying to say is, we should stop looking at LIFE through the minute scope that is the human experience. For generations people have recorded these UFO sightings on rocks, pyparus , canvas and scrolls but because of the narrow confines from which we referenced knowledge of the things in the Universe,  the evidence was recorded as best as it could be understood at that time, giving references to what was known at that time, which seems like Ludicrous to the modern man who has over the millennia increased the database from where we reference from… And that is no one’s Fault really.

I didn’t really watch Avengers, Age of Ultron, I just felt it was a good way to start the conversation. Ultimately each of us, needs to find our own way, one that encompasses all of our being, a path where you don’t have to pretend. There are more similarities than there are differences in these things humans believe. Remember a path does not need to be linear in order to get you to wherever you’re supposed to be. Find out whats there in the world, Live a little.  Happy belated UFO day, may the force be with you until the return of the gods.

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