Wisdom = Love = God.

Can wisdom be synonymous with Love?
Wisdom just like love can exist without reason. It can be, because It is God and God is. Knowledge can lead to wisdom in the Same way that knowledge can lead to lead to love… Evidence of this can be seen in personal relationships and other aspects such as studying towards a certain vocation, where increased knowledge of the subject of study is directly proportional to Love towards the object or human. At times it is possible that knowledge may breed contempt if the energy is misdirected.

God is love… Love is wisdom… Wisdom can be learnt through knowledge/gnosis. In the same way Love can be learnt, God can be learnt and found… But how?

God is the creative energy that runs through everything… But it usually isn’t the main thing, we find God in things we accept as perfect and because we’re human and flawed,  we usually seek proximity to object or human we’ve found God in. God is, even without our knowledge, or effort, but through our effort we experience more… it our perspective that determines how much if any God we experience in a thing.

In our observations, let us not forget truth, for truth, love and wisdom  in themselves are a holy trinity. Truth is enhanced by love… Truth is also manifold… But it is the two-foldness that intrigues me, being honesty and integrity.
Honesty, refering to the ability of Humankind to be truthful to others, is a main concern of the human race. Integrity, a word increasingly diminishing In social society, and now reserved for corporate values, has its roots in the ability for Man to be truthful to self, first. The more we have knowledge of self, the more love of self we build, The active living in truth to self will help us differentiate between Knowledge (informed but not necessarily bad) and Wisdom (God/innate). This is a truth. God can be found in the practice of love, using truth to differentiate between Knowledge And Wisdom in our actions, that’s in everyday life. God can be found in Knowledge of things, because love can be found in the knowledge of things. All is one… God is not far Guys, but we need to do the inner work!

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