Are we suffering from a missile dysfunction❓ 

On my way home on Friday… I saw what seemed to look Like the smoke trail of a missile launch… I can get a bit nerdy, I honestly tried to make an exhaustive list of what else could have caused the smoke trail in the sky… The only other thing I could think off was Maybe boerfolk built a rocket on a farm somewhere westward… People have been making homemade rockects to try and (dis)prove the flat Earth and firmament theory. I hope you’re aware that on the Internet, grown adults are arguing over the FACTS, THE FACTS, of whether the Earth is a Flat disk and is covered by a dome, or the spherical ball we grew seeing models of in classrooms. These radical decolonisers of science are calling upon the works of N. TESLA to even go further and even question the existence of gravity…Yes, In 2017. Don’t Judge. Remind me to tell you all about it later.

Back to what we saw, I think it could’ve have been a missile launch test… We were heading westwards on Hendrik Potgieter Afternoon Traffic… I immediately thought of Phelindaba, world famous North West based nuclear facility, we couldn’t have been the only ones who saw it. 

Loads Imagination.

South Africa’s defence industry has a world renowned reputation for producing guided weapons. This varies from phallic flying death in the extreme case, to unpowered bombs and surface-to-air missiles. Weapons like the Mokopa, Umkhonto and Ingwe have been exported around the world. The South African defence industry is working on new and improved weapons like the extended range Umkhonto and Marlin… I think in an effort to display military will… We may see a resurfacing of the military use of missiles,  nuclear or not.. Whether for war or for sending up Satellites as minister Of Defence and military veterans Nosiviwe Nqakula has suggested.

Downgrades and Sanctions.

With all the “anti western treaties” sentiment, beginning with the bid to remove south Africa from the Rome Statute, it wouldn’t be a suprise for the Government of South Africa under the Leadership of President J.G Zuma, to be reviving a nuclear military project. This is me thinking Phelindaba, the world class nuclear facility in the north west mountains, must have a military presence of some sort to guard the uranium enriched booty. And a test highly probable. The Centre for Public Integrity, a US-based non-profit investigative news organisation, has published a report which says that South Africa has enough nuclear explosives to fuel half-a-dozen bombs. It would be interesting to witness South Africa earn the reputation as a Nuclear Military Power… like it’s partners, India Russia and China. The sovereignty of a nation is paramount and nations especially “previous” colonies should not be tricked to surrender sovereignty under the guise of Treaties and trade deals. The use of Nuclear military technology is an easy way to get sanctioned by the West, because it threatens their power. Which is what I think is the president’s macro strategy is, a covert effort to separate us from the global economy through downgrades and sanctions, for his benefit but in the long run maybe for us. It then turns into Bab’JG Zuma to be transparent. These efforts will help to build ties with Brics and Now independent Britain… Leading to the creation of an independent economy with the partners beneficial to us (them). Maybe. Again, working class delusion thinking celebrity will be their redemption.

Er, missile dysfunction.
In the past years, various countries have conducted missile tests, in an effort to service their nuclear capabilities… But really, it’s just bragging rights. Reports of the failed launch of Britain’s Triton Nuclear Defence system earlier in the year were not reported in the mainstream media. This due to obvious shame hidden as security protocol… Poor countries like North Korea continue to have fun with their missiles, successfully launching the latest one yesterday (Sunday 28th May) and even taunting the US… But they’ll be fine, because China. And in all this, preparing for newly chosen untethering from the European union, Great Britain failed to successfully launch a missile defense system… The 21st century continues to suprise us. But whatever I saw didn’t look successful I must say… It changed its course and seemed to fly vertically, very underwhelming. Kwa Vele kwaphelel emoyeni… And then the smoketrail just looked like a question mark❓.

Keep your eyes on the skies.

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