Democrazy: The problem of the political party.

The mere mention of the term “Democracy” to political fanatics will yield smiles and some chit chat bullshit small talk about Democracy being the best system of governance. The recent “pop up” marches in an effort to put pressure for the resignation  of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC’s response to the marches and various other reshuffles and squabbles and press conferences have stirred much inquiry inside of me about partisan politics. It seemed, sifting through the media mudslinging, that the only legitimate reason to organise to impeach the President is the Constitutional Court ruling that found the President to have violated the constituion of this constitutional democracy. The ANC reacted in a defensive position, which is an  instinctual reaction from an organisation. The DA also recently acted to protect themselves… And this is the tragedy of partisan politics.

EVERYONE SAY IT ME: The Political Party cannot be representational.

We need a discussing of our Electoral system  and how it is outdated. We cannot in 2017 have a system that lacks such accountability, when our entire lives as citizens are marked by progress and performance reviews… but the political herders in a society do not subscribe to the same rules when it comes to being accountable for the  state of things.  It is absolutely ridiculous that ministers who fail to do their Jobs seem oblivious to the fact that they are accountable for their action to the population. But this oblivion is not unfounded, it is rooted in the party system of Proportional Representation.

It is clear, upon observatiuon that this system seems to alienate the voting masses from actively participating in their own governance but rather to submit their right to make decisions to a representative party, who then employs whoever they want without any obligation to justify the appointment of their candidates to the public. These candidates remain accountable to the Party, mainly because the party feeds them and takes care of the things of this world, but don’t these heathens know that “ye shall not live on bread alone”… Anyways.

It is not only logical but moral that a mechanism to remove those in office should be the prerogative of the voters. Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille remains loose mouthed on the lived experience of black peoples and their relationship with Colonialism… the DA refuses to REMOVE Madam Wokus Pokus and are choosing to deal with the issue internally. While we’re here, understand that everything that “Publicly” happens in politics, happens for a reason… Because there are many other clandestine things that happen in politics that we do notand may not ever know about. My fear is that this is a ploy to increase The DA’s credibility among the desperate black voting class who still regard the party of Gog’Zille as racist and an reincarnation of apartheid South Africa… And having Zille dealt with by the Political party is good bait especially if the Madam appears to be putting up a fight. I digress.

The DA initially reacted in the same way the ANC reacted to protect their own against the voters and us, the non voters… Who are the ones with the most rights to complain about the state of things, because we didn’t choose the better evil. And we Think this is normal… it isn’t. Political parties seem to favour and consider their longevity over the will of the people. But prospects of power are such.

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The middle men Parties need to be abolished if we are to get any hint of accountability, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but they should be reformed and definitely have a name change at least.

… Actually we can get rid of them.

“But, how can we do this… “… You’re now shouting in your head… “We can learn and organise” is the short and not so simple answer.

Our Local Governance system seems to make a lot more sense, based on the Two-vote system, it allows the voter casts two votes, one to elect an individual candidate to serve as representative and a second for a party… but of course the citizens need to education about how this system of municipal governance can be best optimised… the eradication of established political parties in the equation is the solution…

Established partisan politics have a tendency to divide the populace along –tshirts and symbolic colours but citizens remain disgruntled as we’ve seen in the abundant service delivery protests. The truth of the matter is the Anc supporting neighbour down the street experiences the same service delivery problems as his DA supporting neighbour. It is ridiculous then to fall into this divisive partisan trap that is elitist, capitalist and anti-poor, the neighbours can organise themselves in order to govern themselves, picking qualified and accountable candidates to lead their cause run a professional government and understand that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!

It would be safe to assume that political parties in themselves are a means to an end.  In their essence political parties are middle-men in some twisted scheme. A collection of like-minded people with the ability to raise capital to start a political party, and we have foolishly believed that if the party wins it will represent the masses? “Like-minded individuals” Cummmon…  this is not representation, it’s a cowardice surrender by the masses to legislated dictatorship.

We need to establish better methods of governance, the theorists will do this, it shouldn’t be too hard now that we have technology. Political Ministers have advisers who are chosen from the Populace and it is these people who direct policy and ultimately make our country. It would seem the only valid requirement for one to be a minister is a “sound mind” to choose the best option amongst the great suggestions from the supplied informed advisors. Because of course we know Qualifications and a capacity to get anything done is not a prerequisite for cabinet ministers… It actually seems to count for SHIT…

This then raises the question of why do we keep the political party system? It would be interesting then to explore a Jury-esque Party system where, random citizens are chosen to participate in Governance and they’ll be supplied with Advisers and are accountable to us. It’s like national service, if you’re chosen, you serve your country… Couple of years…  Doing what you love and building your country… I know this sounds like DREAMS… But we need to start somewhere.

It is hard to imagine a different world with the many things we have become accustomed to. But if we were to open our eyes we would see the world is changing and we’re changing it ourselves, but it seems we are not adapting to how we can use the created world in our own governance.  This representative democracy that has now become popular, became popular because of the logistic inability (IN ANCIENT TIMES) to get the population in a single space… so people from far and wide would then chose a representative from their constituency to represent them in the council of the realm. This system was hijacked by the elites to create a club with a golden ticket… where it costs hundreds of thousands to register a party to contest elections… instead of representatives there exist party candidates…  its gambling and high stakes, lies and guns, us and them… surely this cannot be.

“The man with not much intellect remains loyal to what keeps him alive… Because he feels the condition of being alive is greater than the condition in which one lives… This is a great lie… Because the person who’s intellect is developed will understand that the standard condition for a human is freedom and love… And though I don’t know what love is, I know what it isn’t… It isnt loyalty. Dogs are loyal, slaves are loyal…. All tools are in their essence inanimate and are only granted animation by their master. Loyalty is not a very advanced emotion, actually the more inanimate an object the more loyalty it has… Being animate is motion, motion is freedom but choosing to stay for reasons beyond self, that is an inkling of love.” ~ Makandash Ahdum


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