The phallic (Un)nature of bombs, a hindrance in the age.

When you think of the phallus in a metaphorical sense, and not as a literal penis, it’s more about a display of power, a warped sense of exuding potential for creation/destruction. This is steeped in the mythology Egypt and it’s God’s desecrating each others genitals. And the creation of various ways to capture it’s essence…  But never it. The phallus is about who has the answer? Who has what everyone is looking for? The reality, of course, is that no one has it. No one has the answers or the power, but ultimately , all of us do. “They” only possess power when others believe they do. and This is the power of symbolism.

Its been Thousands of years since the first caveman discovered he could throw a rock or stick at another thing to bring about a certain end with the intention of it being beneficial to himself… If not flight, usually detriment would follow the recipient of the projectile.

Fast forward the iron age and we (they) discover fire. The urge to have our projectiles vapourise a target would have been unthought of and impractical since the purpose to hurl a projectile at a target was usually to use the target as food or slave or some other justifiable non-reason. In the East, the Chinese were smoking ganja and experimenting with gunpowder in pipes and it’s ability to bang and be alchemised into fantastic fireworks. This concoction of explosives was not known as “a bomb” then… Explosives… Maybe.

In 2017, America dropped the largest non nuclear bomb on a target in Afghanistan. The bomb known as The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast(MOAB) commonly known as the Mother of All Bombs) is a large-yield bomb with the ability to vapourise anything within blast radius… American media is reported over 90 militants dead, but how do you count the vapourised militants, huh… CNN…  How do you count the vapourised militants?! 

The term bomb refers to use of explosives in conflict or in some practice of terror… When using explosives in a demolition for instance, it would be incorrect to call the device “a bomb”. Are we able to use bombs for good… the capitalists argue. Perhaps, As a scare tactic they may be useful to support sovereignty, but what a financial waste it would be. Its absolutely ridiculous that we have a collective fear of being invaded and feel the need to protect our selves from one another… Fellow humans. And it is this fear that will make us susceptible to alien agendas promising us peace and prosperity. The Cold war happened because the two countries mentioned here, Russia (then leader of Ussr) and America both feared a physical war (Hot war) because they both feared destruction from the other’s nuclear arsenal.

This recent, deadly phallic display by America of course coupled with the other 59 missiles fired into Syria recently has caused further tensions with North Korea and the Asia Pacific. The American military has its own power to authorise attacks without Even President Donald Trumps authorisation… So this is bound to be a very interesting period. Ultimately, we are seeing who holds world power, imagine them trying to impeach Trump.

All elongated objects,” wrote Freud, “such as sticks, tree-trunks and umbrellas (the opening of these last being comparable to an erection) may stand for the male organ – as well as all long, sharp weapons, such as knives, daggers and pikes.” 

In symbolism, Modern bombs in their design are indeed phallic, representing the epitome of patriachy, toxic masculinity, the erect Penis and it’s God given monopoly on sorting out all that’s wrong with the world. Society… And this dropping of this largest bomb bullshit is literally the biggest dick move in the history of humanity… As we make strides to better connect to mother Earth and the feminine energy and balance our humanity for we’ve suffered long under a masculine energy dominated society… A false masculinity, that seeks to be a replacement of the original phallus, that was lost… The first force but we emulate it without wisdom and the result is without love. the creation and dropping of bombs (whether they make it into history or not) is not conducive for our survival… Physical and spiritual.

Back to the Gods of Egypt story, It is said

  •  Osiris was tricked by Set, the opposing force to enter a coffin built just for him (the father enters the tomb of matter, the living word becomes a concept). Though found by his wife Isis, Set steals his body and cuts it into 14 (sometimes 42 ) pieces and scatters it throughout the land. Isis, mourning scours the land collecting his body together again – re-membering it. But there is a part missing (in the version of the story that came to us through Plutarch ). His phallus! Isis creates an artificial phallus out of gold and hovering over it in her hawk-form she impregnates herself with their son, Horus (note the connection to the impregnating of  Mary). There are many other places to go with this story but let’s just stay with the lost phallus. The true masculine principle that can seed life is replaced with a substitute. The living word is replaced with a thing, a marker or place-holder that fulfils the function of the former but is not it.

The true power of the phallus is what the world lost, our efforts to regain this power are all the phallic displays of misdirected power… Patrichial religions, war, famine, poverty and the seeking to consume for pleasure… They are not the true manifestation of masculine energy. The masculine energy would never seek to dominate and suffocate the feminine… Only celebrate it. 

Back to bombs… Russia still holds the most powerful non nuclear bomb ever built… Laughablely Titled “the father of all bombs”, again, the symbolism. This bomb is yet to be used… In 2007, the Russian military announced that they had tested a thermobaric weapon and the weapon claimed to be four times as powerful as the MOAB. The MOAB is the most powerful conventional bomb ever used in combat in terms of explosive material weight. I don’t know yo… Judeo Christian myth prophecies speak of Russia being highly necessary for the cause of WW3… With all these bad vibes… It would be beneficial that Trump be a good Christian and maintains good relations with Russia if we are to avoid the mother of all wars, the third and last world war… If it is avoidable… Depending on the nature of prophecies and ancient books. I dunno.

Keep your eyes on the skies.


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