The super human form: lessons from Goku & DBZ.


I remember it like it was yesterday, the eastern tigers were making inroads into southern Africa and this was evident with the popularity of the anime cartoons like yugi-oh, Pokemon and Dragon Ball G on our national broadcaster’s Sabc 2. Teenagers In our neighbourimg Zimbabwe had been enjoying Naruto long before us, all though we all experienced the heyday of Chinese cinema through the influx of kung-fu movies that found their way into the townships in the early nineties.

The streets would be empty as all the kids ran indoors at 16:30 to watch 15minutes Of dragonball Z. It was a thirty minute slot but with showing shots of previous and future episodes coupled with ads, it was an intense 15 minutes of action packed DBZ each day.

I remember my brother’s fascination with the DBZ series, telling me of dimensions and world’s. Teleportation and powers, Goku and Vegeta having the ability to feel each others energy from many galaxies away.

I remember my brother’s clenching his pre-puberscent fists  in that moment he saw the opening theme song to Dragon Ball Z, he was waiting for the moment promised, when Goku finally went Super Saiyan… And when his hair finally ignited into the most gangster golden locks… and his eyes changed to a tint of baby blue, right before the longest five-minute fight in the entire history of the universe.

But have you ever considered as a DBZ fan  that the most satisfying moment in the series, where Goku turned super Saiyan, wasn’t a big deal at all.

Even though the legendary Super Saiyan transformation is talked about in hushed tones for much of the series, for the Saiyan race it should never have been a major achievement. If you think about it… Gohan, Goten, a couple of first graders pulled it off… Relatively quickly after their Ancestor Goku did it.

Think back to before Frieza vapourised the planet Vegeta. The Saiyans were a super-race of cosmic dicks, traveling the galaxy and dominating every planet they could. They were kind of like spacefaring Spartans, or levithian — any personal qualities that didn’t involve strength and arrogance were frowned upon. All they did was conquer, It seemd to work out for them for a while, because during the Saiyan reign the people were never really challenged. Saiyans rarely had to really push themselves emotionally or physically, they moved around in hover craft.. Lived what we would terms a ratchet life… No wonder nobody went Super Saiyan…  They had not activated their DNA because there were no circumstances to force them to ascend their current physical form.
But because Goku is raised around humans, it is said he learns their compassion and eventually changes forms after a traumatic loss of his friend, Krillin at the hands of Frieza.

Gohan, Trunks and Goten are all able to Super Saiyan waaaaay earlier, potentially because they’re half-human and therefore more in touch with their emotions. But this is also because they were trained accordingly in the teachings of the great Ancestor, Goku who did it first… But these teachings they inherited because they were his offspring. 

Really though, Vegeta proves that any Saiyan has the capacity to go Super. If Nappa (remember him?) had stuck around longer, he’d probably have sported a pointy gold mustache sooner or later. And you can bet that if humans had the ability to go Super Saiyan, pretty much everyone on the street would look like a tall buff light being.
It can be said the same of the Christ, the great Ancestor who’s DNA we can activate within ourselves… The Christed are the first Super humans who came to anchor us to the light, to live in this world but not OF this world… And we should ascend higher and quicker… It was the Christ who said “all these things, I have done, you will be able to do and even greater”, and if we continue, our children will know miracles as a daily occurance and not the stuff of fairy tails like we grew up,  magic and dream realities will be a usual thing.

Having said this, do not be swayed or simply impressed by miracles,  devil’s also have great power.

I long for a time that I wont have to make examples about the Christ Consciousness using Goku and other far away romantic characters who were created in the minds of Non-Africans.

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