Ningi-Zimu: The Global south, Ta-Neteru the land of the gods.

Throughout the history of civilisations, there have been many beings, entities, some higher and some lower than humans who have portrayed themselves as some or other creation/creator worthy of adoration by primitive man who hadn’t according to the times, self actualised. These gods all have fantastic stories shrouded in myth and codes lost in forgotten time… later to be used by the makers of evil as religion to dominate the freewill of pre-enlightened (wo)man… this was aided of course by collective amnesia and conquest and colonisation of what is considered the global South. According to African Lore, there existed pantheon of gods, adapted and similar to the more popular Roman and greek, sumerian, and also modern-day Egyptian gods… lets call them “first time deities”, the great gods who were refered to as the NTR / Neters/ Neteru.  It is noted that these “beings” were self created but it was common knowledge and widely accepted that they had a connection to a physical land / country far from and  “South” from the egypt that they were most popular in. As a result of this, the faraway land was called “ta-Neteru”… It is important to note this as  a physical land mass is differentiated from the mystical, supposed celestial time-space (possibly extra-terre-strial) abode of the gods refered to as “heaven”, whom the gods have reserved for the hating and overzealous church goers.

Ta-neteru was thought to have a definite 3d earthly (terra) location “a very long way, far from ancient egypt…”. An egypt, which by the way, was also divided into a upper and lower egypt… not only the bordered landmass (country/corporation) we now regard as egypt/Misr… but possibly  much larger. This location (ta-neteru) was said to be even further than Punt (east Africa, around Somalia). Punt and the likes of Kush, were sometimes spoken of as “the divine land” or “god’s land”… as it is possible the gods dwelt a while there enjoying the myrrh and frankincense native to those areas  before moving further north… (this is supposed to be a joke)

One of the more famous of the gods was by the name of Osiris… who’s title was “president of the south”… lets park here for a bit, The cardinal point “South” translated into isiZulu, nguni dialects is  “NingiZimu”. Ningi denotes “much or many” …. “Zimu” translates to a name meaning god or god like being. Ningi-Zimu… would then according to flawed deductive logic mean… “the location of many gods”. Black people (not only africans) across the globe are mostly indigenous to what is refereed to as the “global south” this due perhaps to the proximity to the equator and thus weather conditions conducive to natural/ perhaps biological inclinations… even when taken as slaves and freed of course through settlements and reserves, large populations of blacks are found in the south of the Americas (both upper and lower as ). I digress.

Now remember, the president of the South, the president of ningi-zimu,  . Osiris is said to have journeyed FROM this land of Ta-neteru TO the land mass now known as egypt… these “gods” famous in egyptian lore were NOT of egyptian origin but PHYSICALLY travelled by whatever means and ended up in egypt, for whatever reason. The same can be said of the god Thoth, ibis headed, counter of the stars, master mathematician… blah de blah

Now back to The Nguni, “amaZimu Zimu” as we know are now considered “human flesh eating humans” or cannibals. But when considering the root of the word, “Zimu”, it meant ‘godlike/god’… so could it be that “amazimZimu” could hold the same form as “mntwanoMntwana” (grandchild or loosely “child of child” and hence amaZimZimu could mean “gods, from gods” … but these amaZimZimu could be the equivalent of “demigods” also known sometimes refered to as Nephelim (descendants of human females, and extra-terra beings). The Ntuli (Sompisi) people of the now Zulu Nguni are said to be descendants of “amazimzimu”… “Sompisi” (the clanname) can translate to “one who is like a jackal/wolf or canine like” … canine figures move in between myths, especially in egypt… think also Anubis…  in the tragedy of Osiris losing his phallus , dogs/Jackals are said to help isis to search for god king Osiris… whose title was “the president of the south, which in Nguni is ningi-zimu… “. There is a story i’m researching between the clanname “Sompisi” and the claim of ancestry to “AmazimZimu”. Perhaps the demigods have forgotten who they are.

There is a joke amongst especially Black americans, based on the coming to america stereotype it goes, all africans they meet always claim to be related to royalty… Ask yourself this, what is a royal bloodline, and what makes royal blood anymore superior to blood of the working class… when we all, celebrities and the plebs alike are indigenous to the land of many gods this according to palaeontologists cum anthropologists who claim the cradle of human kind is South East Africa? But i dont trust them… they will use that very same stance to justify their claim to this land, in this time of FACTS.

Ps: When considered from a flat earther’s perspective and model, south is the border around flat earth, which some are even claiming is not a planet but Plane-T, beyond the South border are said to be strings of “islands” or “Planes” where fantastic beings and civilisations, majestic fauna and flora such as those we have not imagined exist, but I will acknowledge that at this point, NOW, I may be pushing it.


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