The Kulcha Podcast: From Ashy to Classy With Sfiso Atomza.

I was a guest on The Kulcha Za Podcast… Chatting about some of my new music, and how freedom can be optimised, by allowing everyone do what they want, as long as that shit doesnt infringe upon anyone else’s right… perhaps even their right to get offended. Then it got slippery, started speaking about lotion, and how fragile masculinities are getting gents moving from ashy to classy.

In-between my ramblings is some music… dope stuff.

Episode 85 – AfriCanna Express with Camille Storm The Kulcha

Continuing with our AfriCanna Express themed October, The Kulcha, alongside our sisters in podcasting – Africalypso and The Kenyan Plug sit down with burgeoning African music executive – Camille Storm to discuss the African music industry.As a curator, A & R, music journalist and record label executive, Camille takes us through her journey as a pioneer in the African music business. She shares with us her inspirations, aspirations, visions and opinions of music in Africa.Uno startles the crew when confesses to being a long time super fan of Camille and her work as she shares some game with us on how to distinguish yourself as an artist as well as what it takes for an act to catch her attention.With Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa represented in this conversation, we share our views on music and artists that are popular in the world and make an attempt to answer the question – Who is the biggest African Artist right now?Sit back, relax and enjoy the vibes brought to you by Africanna Express!  
  1. Episode 85 – AfriCanna Express with Camille Storm
  2. Episode 84 – AfriCanna Express (ft. Africalypso Podcast)
  3. Episode 83 – Don’t Be Petty
  4. Episode 82 – 18/09 with Daniel (Green Easy)
  5. Episode 81 – Canna Parenting ft. The Kush Queen & Mo Sativa

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