The Kulcha Podcast: From Ashy to Classy With Sfiso Atomza.

I was a guest on The Kulcha Za Podcast… Chatting about some of my new music, and how freedom can be optimised, by allowing everyone do what they want, as long as that shit doesnt infringe upon anyone else’s right… perhaps even their right to get offended. Then it got slippery, started speaking about lotion, and how fragile masculinities are getting gents moving from ashy to classy.

In-between my ramblings is some music… dope stuff.

Episode 81 – Canna Parenting ft. The Kush Queen & Mo Sativa The Kulcha

This weeks spin of The Kulcha will definitely have you thinking!We spark up and spark a convo with two female influencers of the online cannabis world – Mo Sativa and Kush Queen, both of whom we are privileged to have in our company.The episode starts of with the gang trying to unpack the nature of deja vu. Is it a common human experience, if so what does it mean? The subject of deja vu then leads us to the recent advertisement posted by Clicks that sparked mass outrage across the country.In the case of Clicks, Dadman goes on a limb and proposes that this method of marketing is very deliberate in how a distasteful advert will lead consumers to talk about the retailer/product/brand. This being said, we propose that maybe marketing departments across the world are beginning to pay their teams to develop bad ideas that will result in outrage, ultimately increasing the brands visibility? Imagine, a an entire department dedicated to the development of bad ideas!The centrepiece of this week’s episode of The Kulcha has to be the twar that ensued after Mo Sativa discovered that Dadman rolls blunts infront of his children. The discussion expanded to become a lesson in “Canna-parenting” as it was a case of 3 parents (Kelvin, Mo & Kush Queen) exchanging notes with 3 bachelors (Uno, Stan & Mfundo). A lot of valid points and perspectives where shared no conclusion being reached, other than that smoking in front of your kids is illegal and immoral!Roll yourself a fatty, chill out and tune in to The Kulcha! 
  1. Episode 81 – Canna Parenting ft. The Kush Queen & Mo Sativa
  2. Episode 80 – “Scandalising God”
  3. Episode 79 – Ghetto Fabolous
  4. Episode 78 – Give Them Money with Zama Khumalo
  5. Episode 77 – No Range (Women’s Month)

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