The Kulcha Podcast: From Ashy to Classy With Sfiso Atomza.

I was a guest on The Kulcha Za Podcast… Chatting about some of my new music, and how freedom can be optimised, by allowing everyone do what they want, as long as that shit doesnt infringe upon anyone else’s right… perhaps even their right to get offended. Then it got slippery, started speaking about lotion, and how fragile masculinities are getting gents moving from ashy to classy.

In-between my ramblings is some music… dope stuff.

Episode 99 – Government Bando The Kulcha

This may or may not be the 99th episode of The Kulcha. This time around, we looked at government buying us a trap house in New York for 118 million rands. It got us to thinking what is a con artist, really. From there, we chopped up on Cotton On diversifying to the "self love" market to our Valentine's Day reports to the toxic relationship of Malcolm and Marie. Roll one up for a quick fast episode of The Kulcha!
  1. Episode 99 – Government Bando
  2. Episode 98 – Songs To Cry To
  3. Episode 97 – Allegation Kulcha
  4. Episode 96 – Activate The Hate
  5. The Kulcha – Episode 95 – The Real Dictators of the World

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