Circulate the rand is the BrownSense Brand.

BrownSense.Africa Levels Up, bolsters Intra-Africa trade and opens up South African businesses to the world. First, a brief history about BrownSense. Established in January 2016 by Mzuzukile Soni as a proactive way to contribute to the creation of a more equal society through entrepreneurship, the idea created an Online community that connected buyers with Sellers. […]

Democrazy: Curating Life, Chasing Comfort…

By Lerato Motsoagae This narrative is based on realities of how capital assists us to curate life exactly how we want it… circumstances circumvented to the point of always getting what you want. The narrative is centred around a gent, a true gent it appears. Gent relates how he and his wife were invited to […]

Democrazy: Apocalypse, a brief history of “the end times”.

I was at church on the eve of the new Millennium… December 31 1999 was being hailed by many as the apocalypse. The millennium bug they called it, never quite understood what is was, but it was the talk of the town… computer software’s inability to recognise the “00” as 2000 but instead as 1900, […]

The LUNTU index & the future of conscious customers.

South African e-commerce startup LUNTU has launched its platform, enabling conscious customers to purchase goods that align to their values in an easy way, whilst empowering ethical businesses. As South Africans realise their purchasing power has the ability to dictate the business of brands, this after demanding justice from a retailer who allowed  an offensive […]

Fake news, Human error and the turings test.

  As the people struggle with the reality that the services they provide in return for a living wage are not essential to the survival of their society, other non-human intelligences have been working. I was always one to think that the deluge of Artificial intelligence (Ai) and its attack on human error  would destroy […]

The Kulcha Podcast: From Ashy to Classy With Sfiso Atomza.

I was a guest on The Kulcha Za Podcast… Chatting about some of my new music, and how freedom can be optimised, by allowing everyone do what they want, as long as that shit doesnt infringe upon anyone else’s right… perhaps even their right to get offended. Then it got slippery, started speaking about lotion, […]