The LUNTU index & the future of conscious customers.

South African e-commerce startup LUNTU has launched its platform, enabling conscious customers to purchase goods that align to their values in an easy way, whilst empowering ethical businesses. As South Africans realise their purchasing power has the ability to dictate the business of brands, this after demanding justice from a retailer who allowed  an offensive… Continue Reading →

Fake news, Human error and the turings test.

  As the people struggle with the reality that the services they provide in return for a living wage are not essential to the survival of their society, other non-human intelligences have been working. I was always one to think that the deluge of Artificial intelligence (Ai) and its attack on human error  would destroy… Continue Reading →

“Sakhisizwe!” chants Southern Africa’s Urban Village.

Southern Africa’s Retro-afro alternative music band , Urban Village, released their debut single, Sakhisizwe. Their Fans already know, those who troll the streets searching for griots with music instruments in bands, know the score, the international community should also be aware, through French Based Record label No Format. South African, Soweto Started Band, Urban Village has… Continue Reading →

Spiritually not certain, but serious nonetheless.

Waiting, consoling… I’ve been here the whole week, with the bereaved, comforted only  by song, mind drifts betwixt speeches… Considers childhoods, soiled and cleansed with myths and other tales of fantastic beasts and magic. Life beyond the now, anything but this reality of no more.  Little bearded men from deep in the earth, amazim’zim, devourers… Continue Reading →

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