I have been writing music for as long as I remember. During my university days, studying communications… i realised the importance of communication as a function that frames and presents reality. I started to think of ways to communicate to people who would be willing to listen to the communication and its purpose, i dare say Intention. So I started a band with some musicians I had met in the City… Long story Short

The music is ordered from the earlier releases “Have You Heard” beginning in 2012. Amulets and Tin-foil hats is a project due for release in AUG 2020.

Episode 82 – 18/09 with Daniel (Green Easy) The Kulcha

We know it’s late, but it’s worth the wait…coz its our longest episode EVER!This weeks episode is another typical episode of The Kulcha where the typically unexpected happens and only Mary Jane is to blame!In line with our Cannabis awareness month and the spirit of 18/09, we talk to special guest – Daniel, founder of Green Easy. Daniel takes us through his journey as an entrepreneur involved in Canna-Biz. Inspired by challenges faced by women, Green Easy adopts a “membership” model to cater to their clients. A proposal is offered to Daniel to have a customer care facility where his clients can reach them should the dank overpower them, we are surprised to learn that the concept suggested is already in place. Talk about being prepared, right?The conversation on customer care is the straw that broke the camel’s back as Uno takes the chance to tear into Apple’s poor attendance to his needs over the past week. Dadman comes to the table with a heavy chat about “Present, broke fathers vs Absent, rich fathers”…the conversation gets so deep and dragged that somehow we end up dropping the C word, P word and F word in less than 10 minutes. A new record for The Kulcha as it leaves our guest wanting to become a repeat offender and return to The Kulcha to explore some of the ideas that came up in that brief but intense 10 minute discussion. That being said – This is your official cue to roll up before you listen up!  
  1. Episode 82 – 18/09 with Daniel (Green Easy)
  2. Episode 81 – Canna Parenting ft. The Kush Queen & Mo Sativa
  3. Episode 80 – “Scandalising God”
  4. Episode 79 – Ghetto Fabolous
  5. Episode 78 – Give Them Money with Zama Khumalo
artworks- have yoyu heard
The Muffinz. “Have You Heard” 2012.
The Muffinz. Live @ Yamaha. 2013.
artwork The-Muffinz-Do-What-You-Love
The Muffinz “Do What You Love” 2015.
N’veigh ft The Muffinz. Peanut Butter. 2019
Reason ft The Muffinz. 10111. 2019

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