I have been writing music for as long as I remember. During my university days, studying communications… i realised the importance of communication as a function that frames and presents reality. I started to think of ways to communicate to people who would be willing to listen to the communication and its purpose, i dare say Intention. So I started a band with some musicians I had met in the City… Long story Short

The music is ordered from the earlier releases “Have You Heard” beginning in 2012. Amulets and Tin-foil hats is a project due for release in Oct 2020.

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artworks- have yoyu heard
The Muffinz. “Have You Heard” 2012.
The Muffinz. Live @ Yamaha. 2013.
artwork The-Muffinz-Do-What-You-Love
The Muffinz “Do What You Love” 2015.
N’veigh ft The Muffinz. Peanut Butter. 2019

Lost Episode – The ANC Cookbook The Kulcha

From toxic traits to #BootyCallsMatter to ANC Cookbooks to the #EndSARS movement, it's a smorgasbord of topics that Uno and Stan run through in this Lost Episode. 
  1. Lost Episode – The ANC Cookbook
  2. Episode 88 – The Beyonce Complex with 2ru Stori
  3. Episode 87 – No Offense
  4. Episode 86 – Chiskop Capitalism
  5. Episode 85 – AfriCanna Express with Camille Storm
Reason ft The Muffinz. 10111. 2019